Last Monitoring Appt. In The Books!


If anyone is interested in how I looked this morning…the above meme will do just fine. I got up super early to shower, pick up bagels from Panera for our clinic (considering I was way late last week for our 1st monitoring appt), & head that way.

I was especially nervous after Friday’s appointment so I was very thankful Scott got to come along today. Our doc told us that i was at high risk for developing OHSS because I had 17 follicles now. He wrote our a prescription for an additional med. to begin the day we do the trigger shot. He also said he may lower my dose of Gonal-F even more than he already had & maybe even cancel it out completely, which he said happens sometimes in these cases.

Seeing as my hormones are on steroids, I almost cried when he told me I was at a higher risk for OHSS…I think he could tell so he softened it with, “This happens to about 2 people a time. I’d rather you have more than not have enough.”

On the bright side, both he & our nurse said my uterine lining was AWESOME again! lol She said it was a really good thing we could see three lines on the monitor. The odd things you get excited about when dealing with infertility…

Also, after that ultrasound, I am even MORE excited it was the last one!!! It was painful & made me cringe a few times…it will not be missed.

So what’s the plan now?

Our nurse will be calling us this evening for further instructions regarding injections, when the trigger shot is suppose to go down, as well as when retrieval day is! In other words, I’ll be anxiously looking down at my cell phone & panicking when any sort of notification or call pops up.



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