Find The Positive


  1. I have pretty bandaids.
  2. Only 3 more days of injections to go!!!!!
  3. Tomorrow is our final monitoring appt.
  4. We are blessed enough to be able to do IVF

It’s getting real, y’all.

How am I feeling today? Not my best. I am EXHAUSTINGLY tired. So tired, in fact, I plan on going to bed after this. My waddling has also worsened I do believe. I’m not sure how I’m going to manage walking to class tomorrow…the parking garage is over a mile away from both classes & I’m legit. concerned about being able to make it to both. During our trip to the grocery store my husband literally had me ride those awful electronic wheelchairs from the store….here he is demonstrating, “It’s not so bad.” lol


He is also on the list of things I’m thankful for…I literally laughed out loud for 5 minutes here lol

Also, can I say again how much I LOATHE Citrotide?? It reminds me of that song, “The Green Grass Grows.”

The Citrotide burns & it burns & it burns. The Citrotide burns & it burns.IMG_5873 (1)

I may be tired….I may be nervous about our appt. tomorrow…& even more nervous about egg retrial this week….but I’m also thankful we were able to do this despite it all. Here’s to hoping I finally get my rainbow baby. ❤


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