Two Down, 1 To Go!


I made it just in time to the fertility clinic this am!

My ultrasound went good but our dr. commented that I was, “on the verge of too many,” follicles (Currently, I have 15). He also stated that I’d likely be, “in more pain,” so, naturally, that made me very nervous….so nervous that I cried on my way home from the hospital this am (the joy of fertility drugs lol). I was so nervous after hearing that, I forgot my water cup pictured on the back of the ultrasound machine. On the bright side, he did say my lining looked great & would be really good for transfer! They’re estimating my retrial will be on Friday but we’ll know for sure on Monday.

My husband called the nurse back to talk with her about the concerns. She said, while I was on the verge of too many, everything looked perfect & we were doing everything we were suppose to…which makes me feel a little better.

What’s the plan till then?

Continue the same dose of Gonal-F: 225 units & add Cetrotide beginning tomorrow evening (unless they call back with dosage changes this evening based upon my estrogen levels).Β 

How am I feeling?

Well, our Dr. must be right. I am already having some cramping that started last night. My boobs are HUGE. & I’m still having mild headaches. Oh, & I’m obviously hormonal. lol Other than that, I feel fine….trying to reduce my stress & hope for the best..but, at the same time, not be overly positive.

I’m extremely worried about the fact they stated I was on the verge of too many follicles….it increases my anxiety about OHSS a great deal.

Has anyone else ever been told this while in IVF TX??


8 thoughts on “Two Down, 1 To Go!

  1. hey there, i had mild OHSS. ie, terrible backache and bloating for a good week after retrieval. one thing that I saw online was whey protein helps. you might want to look into that or ask your doc but try not to worry too much.

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  2. I had 16 follies…I had mild OHSS afterwards too, but it wasn’t too bad after 5-6 days I started to feel a bit more normal again. I took the day off work the day after the retrieval, but I went back two days after and was waddling around and went home early, I should have taken that day off too because then when I went in for Day 3 transfer the nurse told me how to reduce the symptoms of mild OHSS. Lots and lots of Gatorade or Powerade (sugar free) to flush out the fluids leaking from the follicles. That helps reduce the bloating. And prune juice. It was only after a blogger mentioned it I discovered. It helped move things along nicely suffering from constipation.
    So after experiencing all this my doc wants to up my dosage a little bit for next round and I’m nervous as hell about that!! I looked like I was 5 mths preggers last time!!

    Anyway, saying all this I think 15 is about right?? but I think by now you prob won’t develop any new ones, just these will plump up nicely and keep maturing the little Eggies growing in them!

    You’re doing great!! Hang in there!!! X

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