Gonal-F: Day 3 & 4

I’m a day behind on our IVF update…shocker, shocker (thanks, grad school!).

Yesterday (day 3 of injections):


Sophie Belle was very supportive & did not want to be moved so daddy could stab mommy in the belly again….twice last night 😦 The only bad thing about Gonal-F in the pen: you run out of medicine on the second use of it & then have to resort to being stabbed again. I much prefer it to wasting thousands of dollars of medicine but still. Come on infertility.

How did I feel yesterday?: Sick. Feeling nauseous as all get out, I called our RE’s office to ask the nurse if my symptoms were normal. She answered that I should not be nauseous until next week (joy) & I’d probably gotten a cold…at the perfect time lol

How did Scott do?: He felt bad about stabbing me twice because I’m the biggest baby ever with needles anyway. He did a good job &, after icing up longer this time & making sure the shot sat out at least 30 minutes, it didn’t burn going in last night (Whoop, whoop!!!!!!).


How did I feel today?: Today, I noticed that my ovaries are getting those odd random twinges of pain. Three days in (before tonight’s shot) & I already felt like I was walking like a penguin….this is gonna be an interesting next few weeks.

The shot was the same as last night-we were sure to let it sit out for at least 30 minutes & ice my belly beforehand. No issues & only one stab (yayyy!).

I’m feel more tired than I had but, other than the waddling, all is well. Ultrasound & blood work tomorrow morning!

On a (semi) different note, I got what I promised myself I would for IVF, a mani-pedi! I figure if 3 plus people are going to be looking at my kitty at any given time, why not have pretty toes for the show? lol


Seeing as I’m not allowed to take baths ATM (AKA my favorite thing to destress!!), I’m especially thankful for my, “Me Time,” today.

Prayers & good vibes appreciated for good results tomorrow.


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