Feel The Burn

My injection experience did not go as smoothly as yesterday. For whatever reason, it burned like a mother going in the entire time. Maybe not enough icing?? Who knows! 

What I do know now is this…I’d read on a few IVF boards that Gonal-F is referred to as, “The burning ring of fire.” Let me just say, I totally get it.

What side-effects am I having thus far? Headache, interrupted sleep, & stomach upset. The headache part really rang in as I was sitting in night class tonight amongst a loud discussion. Nails.On.A.Chalkboard. So thankful I’m taking my miss 1 class opportunity in my Saturday classes this week. I don’t think I could take 7 hours of uncomfortable chairs & loud jabbering. 

How does Scott feel?

Seeing as this was the 6th time he’s stabbed me in the stomach with a needle, he says he felt just fine lol Actually, he said he felt bad for me but wasn’t nervous this time around. 

We now have 450 units of Gonal-F in my system-grow follies, grow!!!!!!



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