Manic Monday!


Manic Monday perfectly captures the state of my being this fine Monday morning. As I was laying in bed curling up to Sophie Belle and chatting with my best friend, a call pops up on my phone. Before sliding to ignore it, I notice it says FERTILITY CLINIC & the internal panic begins. They said hello & asked if I was still coming in for my baseline ultrasound & blood work. I replied that I planned on coming in around 1.

& then found out they do all ultrasounds and blood work between 7-9…but told me I could still get there ASAP & they’d take care of it today (minus the additional cost of blood work that may come up per our confusion).

I jumped out of bed like a raving lunatic, grabbed the first things I saw hanging up & headed out the door. If you’ve never experienced infertility, you won’t be able to appreciate the panic that set in this am. Imagine telling a woman who won’t be able to have children otherwise that she is already late for the possibility of achieving that. My ass BOOKED ITTTT. Thanks, to city traffic, I did have some time to slap some red lipstick on before jumping out of the SUV at the hospital.

Despite me screwing up their entire schedule, everyone at our clinic was really nice to me & just trying to hurry everything along so all worked out (a huge blessing!!!). My fertility Doc told the intern doing my ultrasound that my lining looked really good and that was important to get for transfers so I smiled at that…again, something a non infertile would never fully appreciate LOL Never did I think I’d be smiling proudly about my uterine lining….oh, how times have changed lmao


Thankfully, they told me all looked fine & I could start 225 unites of Gonal-F through Thursday. I go in again Friday for another ultrasound & labs. They’ll call Friday afternoon with dosage instructions & what day to start our second injectable. I’ll also probably be picking up bagels from Panera for the office since they were so accommodating & nice to me-even though I messed up their entire schedule.

I’m also hoping I’ll get more time to blog throughout our cycle. Here’s to hoping!

Come on IVF, lets do this! 



4 thoughts on “Manic Monday!

  1. You are not alone my office does it between 7-10 and they schedule the ultra sounds.. Well I forgot mine this morning until I heard joes alarm going off and I jumped out of bed like a crazy person luckily I made it in time for my 9am lol

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    • Thank you, lovely!!!
      I think it was actually our mistake in hindsight…all the info from the teaching session got scattered for us I believe. We’re both fairly certain we confused the fact that, despite the trigger shot, injections could happen any time in the evening with the ultrasound times…alas lol
      At least all worked out 😁

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