Bye, Bye Birth Control


I’m a day late in posting because, to quote my famous reasoning for the past 2 months, “grad school.”

Last night, I took my last B.C. pill leading up to our IVF/ICSI cycle. It’s officially 5 days till we start injections & I am equally as excited as I am terrified.

How I feel about IVF can be summed in the following Disney Princess memes I made (minus the Princess Diaries one):

Little Mermaid on Infertility                              IMG_5272



& isn’t the last one all that really matters? Well….I guess the fact that I’ll be a human pincushion, have a handful of more vaginal ultrasounds (Get pumped!!), blood draws, egg retrial, & transfer matter, too….but, in this crazy pursuit of baby making (the science way), this process will only be temporary.

As it says in Cinderella…………..

“Even miracles take a little time.” ❤


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