The Calm Before The Storm

Sometimes it finds us. Presenting itself in the most unexpected of ways. Sometimes, literally, in the weather itself. A perfect summer day at the beach, or at the lines of Disney World. Not too hot, not too cold. Then, once it’s over, you land smack dab in the middle of your own Wizard Of Oz horror story.

&, other times, we have to find it ourselves.

Yesterday, my husband sent me a screenshot of an announcement from Rupp Arena (local concert/event local in our area). It was an advertisement stating more seating had been made available for the Taylor Swift concert. Looking at it, I half laughed & thought, ‘if we won the lottery & I wasn’t in grad school anymore, that’d be nice.”

I didn’t put any more serious thought into until, after blasting T. Swift in my car for 40 minutes in route to an appointment, my mind started to waver & wheels began to turn.

I text him back again, this time saying I think we should go for it. We start IVF in just a few days & HOPEFULLY (we’re trying to be positive here), we’ll have a baby in a few months & this will be our last concert for a long while. I also came to the conclusion we’re allowed to miss 2 classes per class anyway so why not?

We took the leap & man, was it worth it!

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We saw the storm looming & ran out to enjoy the time before the storm set in. We had FUN! We got recharged. We ALMOST touched Taylor Swift!! & we’re ready to kick infertility’s ass ๐Ÿ˜‰

& I’m even more thankful that we splurged and enjoyed ourselves today. I took Sophie (our yorkie baby) to the vet today to have a knot on her tummy looked at & found our she has to have surgery….probably THE SAME TIME as mommy has IVF egg retrieval surgery ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Prayers & good vibes appreciated for baby Soph โค


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