It Finally Happened……IVF Med. Haul


Holy Guacamole, Batdad! 


All this…for me? You shouldn’t have infertility…you reallyyyyyy shouldn’t have.

8 boxes of refrigerated meds, vaginal suppositories for dayssss, infection meds for post egg retrieval, & the HCG trigger shot that will be mixed & refrigerated before pre surgery.

I posted a pic of our med. haul on FB & one of my family members commented to ask if I was opening a drug store….&, if you’ve never seen it, it’s scarier in person, I promise lol


In all seriousness, I actually am excited to get started…I also happen to be in a state of, “HOLY SHITTTTT,” atm. I’m hoping to enjoy these last 11 needle free days..I think the nurse at the teaching session was right in saying, “By the end of this you’ll feel like a pin cushion.”

Uhmmm, yeah. I would say so.


& Sweet Brown forgot to mention the suppositories…ALL.THE.SUPPOSITORIES!!!!

Come on November 2nd….I think I much prefer your arrival as opposed to looking at the box of needles with dread.

What was your reaction the first time you received IVF meds??? 


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