IVF Survival Kit


It’s one of my guilty pleasures. I have pins & albums for damn near everything. Long before I ever got engaged, or married I even had two separate albums filled with images that’d make the most cynical person swoon. Two albums completely dedicated to these two life events I was no where close to experiencing. I also had two more titled Pregnancy & Kiddos. Little did I know at the time I’d need another album before those titled-you guessed it-infertility.

When I joined-err, was thrown into-this club,I tried doing a lot of research (I HATE research!!). In the beginning it mostly about the God awful HSG test & all things IUI. I couldn’t find much of anything on what actual people’s experience was via good ol’ Google (That’s actually one of the reasons I started blogging in the first place) so I tried the never ending story that is Pinterest. &, to my surprise, I found a lot!

One of the Pins I scrolled past early on was a DIY Infertility Survival Kit someone had made for their hubby. I thought the idea was too cute &, since we are both well aware of what a raving bitch fertility drugs can make me, I decided to make my own.


I bought a cheap basket that just so happened to be on sale at Walmart & filled it with things I knew he loved. On each item, I wrote him a quirky IVF themed note.

IMG_4670  Star Wars legos: “For when you need a break….& wish you were a galaxy away.”

IMG_4672 Charlie Brown movie: “For when you need to make hormonal wifey laugh.”

IMG_4674 Sun glasses: “Shades so dark IVF meds can’t find me.”

IMG_4676 Darth Vadar balloons ($2 on Ebay!) “For when you need to remember the force is strong with you (& you can handle my hormones).”

IMG_4671 Camo shirt: “For when you need to hide from the rays of fertility drugs.”

I topped the basket off with a printed love note titled For When You Need To Remember I Love You. 

As fertility meds can make the best of us less than enjoyable, I wanted to give him something to remember the way I normally am. Not a hormonal hyped up mess. lol

If you want to make your own Infertility Survival Kit, it’s fairly simple. Just grab a cheap basket & a few things your person happens to love. Once you have everything, you can write sweet/funny notes on the items & there you have it.

Happy Infertility Survival Kit making, friends!


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