IVF Teaching Session



Today was, “the day,” this month. Our IVF teaching session was early this evening at our fertility clinic.

First, I would just like to say that the only overwhelm comparable to what we experienced today is equated-in my mind-to Black Friday shopping. If you’ve ever been Black Friday shopping, you know what a mad house any & all store locations turn into. Even the sweetest old lady will throw a shopping cart into you to get to that big screen TV for her son.   Funny thing, Black Friday is a lot like infertility…we’ll do anything to get what we want. Stand in two hour (or more!) lines, run through aisles, dodge blocked pathways, & fist fight anyone who stands in our way to the prize (Although I have hard of the latter, I have never done this lol).

 All in all, the session was definitely informational & I’m thankful they do it…it’s just that maybe it’s a little too informational. One lady who was sitting behind us made the comment of not being able to remember all the information….& she walked in 10 minutes late lol I nodded while my internal panic built up. The nurse answered, reassuring us that our clinic would go over all the information as far as dates and injections with us at each appointment…which is a relief. It was also comforting to know that we’re able to call with any questions as they came up…which I’m sure they will.

We got to see the nurse demonstrate how the needles worked & how mixing up the viles was done. &, best of all, she said our clinic does not require intramuscular injections!!!! I was ELATED & sat there thinking, “THANK YA, JESUS!!” for the remainder of the session. Afterwards, my husband admitted this was a major relief to him as well because he was worried about giving these to me. In the video from the pharmacy we’re using, it was demonstrating an intramuscular injection & a brief moment of terror was spread across his face. He even let out an, “Oh, my God,” before catching himself. In bed later that night, I’d told him even he was scared…he answered that he was only trying to bother me. Turns out, there was no joking involved & the man really was terrified. Thankfully, we are both overjoyed our injections may go over a little easier now.

We also found out what my medication regimen was going to be, which excited me.

My Med. Regimen:

  • Gonal-f
  • Prometrium
  • HCG-Cetrotide

Other Takeaways:

-The first two sets of injections are not time sensitive & can be taken any time during the evening-which I worried about considering I have two night classes & am typically never home at the same time each day.

-My, “holy shit,” moment: if the cycle is successful, I’ll be taking THREE vaginal suppositories daily until the 10th week of pregnancy. Don’t get me wrong, I am NOT going to be complaining about anything if the cycle works & I do have to do this-it’s a small price to pay-but three.a.day. Wowza! *insert wide eyed emoji here

-Side effects from the meds. weren’t reviewed at all, which worries me because I have no idea of what to expect. Any insight into this is appreciated.

Overwhelmed & starving, we decided to end our day with an early date night at The Cheesecake Factory. After all, it is National Dessert Day 😉


What was your experience with your IVF teaching session?? What side effects did you have from your medication regimen???



2 thoughts on “IVF Teaching Session

  1. I didn’t have an IVF teaching session, just a meeting with my RE, and then the nurses explained the injections and helped me do my first round at an ultrasound apt. I also didn’t have any side effects… So I’m no help there. I’m excited for you!

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