Without Further Delay…..

Since I haven’t done one of these in far to long now……….it’s (past) time for Favorite Things Friday!!!!!

One of the 1st (& one of my personal favorite) infertility blogs is Starbucks, Peace, and The Pursuit of Baby.

Her posts are always encouraging & also give a lot of really neat information as well. Her most recent post featured this month’s TTC Care Package from Fertility Box. 

This month’s box specifically is for fur mamas!!!

As Matt Bellisi says, I almost s!it my yoga pants upon seeing that. I am, in no uncertain terms, OBSESSED with my fur babies. I show people pictures (pictures being plural) of them, tell funny stories of the crazy things they’ve done lately, etc. Yeah, I am THAT person.

But when your fur babies are this cute, how you could not be??


With this month’s theme, my heart was stolen. So I decided to channel my inner Donna & Tom from Parks & Rec (another favorite, btw!) & “Treat yo self!”

There are two versions of the box, the full & the mini. I believe the only difference between the two is one item (I believe).

There is also a version of the box for those who are NOT TTC & would still like the fur mama stuff!

I’l post pictures of my box when it comes in next week 🙂

That’s a wrap, happy Fri-yay loves!

Enjoy your weekend!


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