Days Like Today

They remind me to appreciate the moments we have with our loved ones while we still have them. You never truly know if it’s the last time you’re going to see someone. You never know if it will be the last time you hug each other, the last time you hold their much larger hand in your own, or the last time you hear them say, “I love you,” while they look back at you with smiling eyes.
I just saw my dad yesterday. He came up Saturday night & helped my husband out with our floors. We all hung out & watched the UK game after that.

Yesterday, as was documented in my post from last night, we were all laughing & enjoying the perfect fall day at the pumpkin patch. We posed for goofy pictures in props that were set up throughout the orchard. My dad pointed to all the twins & kept telling me that’s what we’d have next year. He talked about bringing my nephew to the pumpkin patch next year. It was a great day…looking back, maybe it was too perfect of a day. It could’ve been a freaking Hallmark movie. The leaves that had been falling scattered the grounds, pumpkins were lined up everywhere ready to purchase in a hurry. The pumpkin patches & apple orchards were long and choices were the furthest thing from few.

& then I got a call this morning from my stepmom saying that dad is being rushed to the ER. He apparently started sweating profusely & his arms got numb. As the day went on, we learned that his kidneys aren’t functioning & life support is on the table again. Currently, we’re still waiting for him to be transferred to a better hospital that’s near where I live. So here I am, past nine o clock, still waiting to see if I should drive the 3 hours or wait for him to be transferred to me…like I’ve been doing since noon…apparently the hospital doesn’t have beds yet. & so we wait….

Last year, my dad overdosed three times, had open heart surgery, flat lined once, and then ended up in intensive care again when his oxygen hit the floor. We just talked with each other about his close calls with death from last year together yesterday. & how we were glad that had not been our year this time around….it seems we’d both be shitty fortune tellers.

Appreciate the people you love & never take a second of your time together for granted. You never know when those times could be gone.


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