Let’s Get It Started!

*que early 2000’s song

Tonight, I swallowed my 3rd birth control pill…& that still seems as odd to me as it initially did when coupled with the process of having a baby.

My dad’s face said it best earlier when he asked me when we started injections.

“BIRTH CONTROL?!?!?! I thought you WANTED to get pregnant?!?!”

Oh, dads.

My husband quickly explained we needed my cycle to align with our fertility doc’s as far as retrials & other IVF things would go. This response seemed to suffice…even though he still wore somewhat of an odd look afterwards. I can’t say I blame the guy lol

It’s getting real…it’s getting, “turnt up,” as the kids are saying nowadays.

Tomorrow, our teaching session will be NINE days away!!!!!!! & injections start the second.

Oddly, & very much to my surprise, I am excited. Stoked even! Had you told me that would’ve been my response at the beginning of the year, I would’ve looked at you like you were a raving lunatic. I may have even thought you may need to be committed for your own protection. But here we are….& we both couldn’t be happier to get this party started.

One thing I saw in my Pinterest search of all things IVF was a neat IVF Prep. checklist. It’s already proven to be extremely helpful in brainstorming things we can start doing now-in addition to the fertility diet throughout the week days (because everybody needs a little cheat day on the weekends!).

To my surprise, one thing the list recommended was deciding how you planned on documenting your IVF experience. Obviously, I’ve chosen the blogging arena for our infertility/IVF journey & couldn’t be happier! It’s something we can always look back on &, hopefully, our minis will be someday too.

Another big thing I know I need to do is clear any big commitments going on that month, as well as reduce any possible stressors. Reducing stress was also highly recommended by our RE. My game plan is to finish as many assignments as possible for that month so I won’t have to stress about them in the midst of injections/retrieval/etc.

I’ve also read many people don’t feel the greatest after a few rounds of injections. I have a friend who is currently taking Gonal F & has encountered massive headaches as well. In addition to that, I’ve read numerous blogs about the nasty side effects of the meds…I am hoping I can clear out most of my responsibilities for that time just in case. I’ve already decided I’m taking off a week after retrial with practicum & classes, which will probably help out.

Things I Still Need To Do:

-Buy/Create a medication calendar (for both our sanity)

-Brainstorm on support people

-Buy more leggings/loose tops for when I start to swell/get highly uncomfortable

-Buy cotton balls/alcohol wipes for needle time

In the meantime, we’re trying to live in the moment & have as much fun as we can before all the craziness of fertility treatments comes back. Today, we went to a local orchard with my dad to pick apples & check out the pumpkin patch. Hopefully, they’ll be lots of corn mazes, haunted houses, & a wicked Halloween party to be had before my skin becomes a bullseye.

No matter what, we’re excited anyway. Come on IVF baby!




6 thoughts on “Let’s Get It Started!

  1. Yay for things getting started! I know it’s not the way you planned but I’m glad your so excited for the treatments to begin! I’m glad I have a friend I can relate/talk to during our treatments! Love you!

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  2. Aww love this post. It’s very exciting starting all the IVF preps. I’m stoked for you, as they say in Australia! πŸ™‚ Love the pics too. You guys do Halloween / fall a lot better than we do!

    Liked by 2 people

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