“Sh*t People Say To People With Mental Illness.”

Scrolling through my feed last night, I came across this gem.

The title is: “Sh*t People Say To People With Mental Illness.”

While it is a bit longer than your average internet video, it will make you laugh (a few times), I promise.

So it’s about mental illness…why is that funny?

It’s funny because the personas she takes on, along with the narrations, are mostly accurate.  These bizarre things she depicts are hilarious to any viewer, aware of mental health issues or not, because of the way in which they’re depicted and acted out.

If you, or someone you care about have dealt with any kind of mental health condition, however, they become hilarious for another reason entirely. They’re hilarious because you’ve heard these things in different settings. You’ve heard the less than helpful, “advice,” given by (possibly) well intentioned individuals.

I for one have heard the following:

-“Just be happy & don’t worry about it.” Gee, thanks man. I would have never thought of that.

-“If you pray hard enough, it will go away.” ……I do pray? But thanks?

-“Think about all the people who have it worse.” To quote one of my favorite books, “Just because someone else has it much worse than you, it doesn’t change the fact that you have what you have, good or bad.”

-“Just get over it.” Is there a pill for that, or…..?

& more I’m sure I can’t recall at the moment….the point is, we as society are still so uniformed in regards to mental illness. We don’t want to talk about it. If someone brings it up, the room gets quiet. The subject changes.

When someone is participating in a cancer, or Alzheimers walk, everyone rallies around them in support. When someone attends a mental health related walk, or a suicide walk, more often than not, the response is far from similar.

I’m sharing this post & video in hopes of spreading awareness about mental health issues & the lack of support they receive.

Mental illnesses are exactly the same as physical ones in that they are not something anyone chooses. People struggling with these conditions don’t wake up & choose them any more than someone with cancer wakes up & chooses it.

Stop the stigma.


4 thoughts on ““Sh*t People Say To People With Mental Illness.”

  1. That is awesome! Fortunately, I have an amazing therapist and psychiatrist, but the rest was spot on! Thank you for sharing!

    I wish there was a way to end the stigma. I am a perfectionist with severe depression and anxiety. I spend a lot of my time when it flares up trying to hide it so the world cannot see my illness. If I have to go to a social event, I will lay awake for hours at night fearing that everyone will figure out I have depression. It is sad that our society cannot accept mental illness just like any other illness. Thank you for helping to end it!

    Liked by 1 person

    • You’re so right!!!
      I am also blessed with a phenomenal therapist & found the rest to be spot on.
      We are both blessed in that at least 🙂
      I hope, as more people share their stories, the stigma will begin to die down


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