Along with baby showers & their plastic baby carriages of doom, another thing us infertiles are at odds with is Facebook.

Yes, it’s a perfect 1 way ticket to staying in touch with family, best friends, & those random girls from high school….but it’s also a place that holds other things as well.

The pregnancy announcements 



I have no idea where the water is but it’s somewhere & I want them to drown me in it!

don't drink the water

With October being pregnancy & infant loss awareness month, however, Facebook has a new feature that has warmed its way into my heart.

At Twibbon.com you can turn you profile picture half pink, half blue. The hashtag #GoPinkAndBlue is featured at the bottom.

I think this is an awesome way to raise awareness as to how common miscarriage and infant loss really is. It’s a great way to start discussion on a topic that is, otherwise, only talked about behind closed doors.

Since I’ve started spotting these, I’ve noticed several other friends speaking out about their miscarriages.

Let’s continue to raise awareness & show support for all the other couples out there who are struggling.

For all the couples who feel their hearts break a little more with every pregnancy announcement, we’re with you. We see you. For all the individuals &/or couples who constantly think about how old their child would now be, you’re not alone.

Lets #goPinkandBlue



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