Sh!t Just Got Real


Sunday night, it happened. We had our last glass of pre IVF wine while watching The Office. Yes, I gave up wine while in the thick of my most challenging semester of grad school yet (Yes, I know what I was thinking. Babies).

The next day, after pinky promising our fertility diet would start the next day (because we’re adults), it was also underway. Thankfully, to my initial surprise, the diet is just an add on to your regular eats. We’re doing the increased water (especially in the morning), one big leafy green salad, & one smoothie a day portion. In addition to that, our fertility clinic recommended we only have two caffeinated beverages a day……& I think that alone will be the most challenging thing for me as far as diet goes. Because grad school lol papers, studying, group projects, practicum…..

water bottle & fertility smoothie on the go

water bottle & fertility smoothie on the go

I also bought a lot of fertility super foods yesterday during my grocery run.

&, drumroll, something else also happened yesterday…..earlier than expected but I think that has been par for the course in our infertility journey. I started spotting early (TMI alert) so hubby called our fertility clinic to let them know & order meds. Yes, I said it. ORDER MEDS. All the needles, refrigerated medicines, non refrigerated medicines, vaginal suppositories, (hopefully) a sharps container. It is coming. 

fert meds

With that being said, if (& we all know the if is irrelevant here LMAO) & when I start acting like a total fruit cake, you’ll all know why.

Also got something else clarified: injections do not start until November 2nd. 

As I was writing this, oddly enough, my husband text me this. He had no way of knowing this was what I was up to seeing as he’s at work and I’m at home for a bit today so I thought it was neat….hopefully it’s a good sign 😉


He says our little nerds will be safe because everyone will want to cheat off of them…I said I would pack them extra, “good,” snacks so they wouldn’t get beat up lol

Lets do this IVF. It’s time to make some (nerdy) little babies.


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