In The Meantime……

Various fruit smoothies isolated on white background

Various fruit smoothies isolated on white background

As I mentioned in an earlier post, our IVF is going down in November. As the info packet wasn’t exactly clear, we’re assuming we start shooting me up again somewhere near the end of October (as my monitoring appointments happen the first week of November).

While we’ve been living in infertility limbo, I’ve started researching IVF & natural ways to increase your odds.

Here’s what I found:

-While I didn’t buy the 21 Day Fertility Diet Challenge book, I did skim over a brief overview on it. From what I gather, it consists of clean eating & lots of water.

-Fertility super foods: avocados (which I LOVE!), salmon, brown rice, whole milk,olive oil, broccoli, almonds, oysters, eggs, black beans, figs, green tea, maca (whatever that is), & olives.

-Important nutrients for men’s fertility (which is our issue): zinc, folic acid, vitamin C, B12, L-Carnitine, CoQ10.

-Eating at least 1 fertility smoothie & 1 large green salad can boost chances. I found some fertility smoothie recipes here:

-Sperm motility gets, “an 11% boost,” when men consume chicken, fish, & protein on the regular.

-There’s also an app called My Fertile Foods for iPHONES! This can be used to track your intake of fertility super foods.


Alongside all that, Scott’s going to continue taking his fertility vitamins we purchased throughout the IUI’s from GNC. The brand also has a fertility vitamin for women which I’m contemplating starting & taking until the second, or third week of October. I can’t’ see how this would mess anything up….may even give me an extra boost. Who knows.

We shall see! 


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