It’s Almost Over

The infertility limbo I dreaded soooo much. The short break that my body was free of excess hormones (that would make the best of us more than a little cray cray) is coming to an end.


Guess what-finally-came in the mail this week??????? Our IVF info packet!

NOTE: if you’ve ever received one of these beauties before your teaching session, you will full well understand what I mean in saying I hesitate in calling it an information packet.

While it did contain some pertinent details, it left me more confused than I was prior to tearing open the big brown envelope it was enclosed in.

For one, it was my initial understanding I would be on birth control the entire month of October & then start meds in November–>do IVF at that point. Apparently, that is not the case my friends. As my ultrasounds are on the first/second week of November & retrieval will be some time mid month, I started questioning when injections & all those fun shenanigans would start up. After hubby read through our how to make a baby when you’re infertile literature, he discovered that I would start birth control on CD3. I’ll take this until October 27th & then stimulation drugs are talked about (we are assuming this starts immediately after the 27th?).

So what was in this fun IVF we can’t have a baby & really want one starter packet??

  • Our teaching session is the evening of October 14th
  • My ultrasound/blood draw dates are as followed: November 2nd, 6th, & 9th.
  • Possible retrieval days:12th, 13th, or 14th.
  • Transfer will be 3-5 days later depending on how everything goes.
  • A password to super fun injection videos on our fertility center’s website
  • A login to an iPHONE app!! Which, by the way, I think is cool as hell
  • We get a preliminary egg count before leaving the hospital, also wicked exciting!!!!!
  • We’ll get a fertilization report daily on our widdle embies ❤

We still aren’t aware of what specific meds I will be on, as the packet specified the med. regimen is unique from couple to couple.

& now…your nightly commentary:

Scott: “Your spouse will remain with you while you wait to go to sleep.”

Me: “You’re damn right he will!”

Hubby: “Though it won’t require bed rest, you should go home and rest for the remainder of the day.”

“Oh, don’t you worry. I’m not doing shit for three days!”

I mean….I’ll obsess about our embies, watch SUV, do grad school homework, & blog but-lets be honest-that’s about it. lol

Even though I have my concerns & am a little taken aback by starting earlier than we at first understood, we’re ready.

Let’s do this body, it’s baby making time!


9 thoughts on “It’s Almost Over

  1. Woohooo!! Awesome news!!! It sounds great! I love that they have an app for that 😉
    I think it totally depends on your protocol when you start stims, but I had 3 days off the birth control pills (a mini period started), then a baseline ultrasound and that evening I then had 10 days of stims. But I am sure by the time it comes to your teaching lesson you will know what protocol you are on otherwise the teaching would be a bit random!!!
    I’m so pleased that they are letting your hubby stay with you whilst you fall asleep – they sound great 🙂

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