Curtain Call: Spotting Your Troll

Originally, I was not going to waste my breathe on defending my life to someone who does not know me personally. I wasn’t going to vindicate their hateful comments, judgments, & accusations of me.

I was, however, ready & willing to research how to block their IP address.

Thanks, to a friend of mine who did a VLOG long ago exposing her troll, I knew what route to take in doing so.

Word to the wise: when you comment, even anonymously, your IP address shows up. From here, you are then able to head on over to & see where said address physically came from.

My troll had the same IP addy for every single hate filled comment I received. Thanks, to the map on the tracker website, you’re also able to see the internet provider, latitude, longitude, anddddddd a fun map showing where exactly said person lives.

& now you know fellow WordPressers (that’s a thing, right?). This is how to at least spot a troll.

Mine isn’t hiding behind a mask anymore. The, “pay no attention to the man (or, in my case, WO-man) behind the curtain,” is over.

Curtain Call.



16 thoughts on “Curtain Call: Spotting Your Troll

  1. Sorry you were stuck with a nasty troll. I’ve had a few trolls in my time of blogging and i always just block them so I don’t have to waste my time reading the unnecessary hate. But maybe now I’ll find out where in the world they are from, because why not know where the hate is coming from?

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  2. So glad you figured it out. Don’t take anything they say to heart because like you said, they don’t know you well enough to make that call! Haters gonna hate and the world’s gonna keep on spinning. Pathetic. Love you!

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