8 Signs You’re In A Toxic Relationship

Over the course of my 25 years, I’ve learned-time & time again-if a relationship doesn’t feel good, it’s probably not.

This holds true for any relationship. Intimate ones, friendships, & even our parents.

It’s hard to move on from relationships we’ve worked so hard to build. No matter if the person is terrible for you, or not the thought of losing them may be overwhelming. This agony can be lessened by seeing the relationship for exactly what it is: toxic as hell.

Signs You’re Involved In A Toxic Relationship:

1.) Frequent playing of the blame game. If someone is constantly bringing up past transgressions &/or trying to make you feel guilty about things you should NOT feel guilty about.

2.) Passive Aggressiveness. Do you have a friend who says, “Oh, it’s fine if we eat Mexican today.” when they really don’t like Mexican & then proceed to pout, or not even eat while there…obviously they were NOT okay with it. But they wouldn’t just come out & say it. That’s a simplified example but you get it. Or the friend that makes a passive aggressive Facebook status about you instead of just talking to you like an adult about their feelings. If you’re no longer in high school, this is NOT an acceptable action my friends.

3.) Negative Energy. This goes back to the first thing I said about if a relationship doesn’t feel good, more often than not, it isn’t. Something is wrong somewhere. Trust your gut. If you find yourself tense, anxious, or uncomfortable when you’re  around someone, it’s probably your body trying to scream the tale, tale signs to you.

4.) They refuse to see their own flaws. It’s no secret none of us are perfect. I do not believe in perfect people. Some people, however, appear to disagree with that statement & seem to believe they are the exception. They refuse to see their own flaws but jump on any chance they have to point our yours. In other words, nothing is ever their fault. In fact, it’s probably yours…..

5.) You feel judged.

6.) Unsupportive & Unavailable. You’re always the first to be there for them when something goes down but, when the tables have turned, they are no where around.

7.) You’re doing most of the work to keep the relationship alive. I once heard someone say, “It’s a two way street,” in reference to relationships. He was absolutely right. If you’re always the one to reach out, plan things, & initiate any sort of contact/communication, this is not fair situation.

8.) Holding grudges. This is never, let me repeat NEVER, healthy. Especially when you’re involved with someone that holds grudges against you.


If you think you may be involved in any sort of toxic shi**y relationship, I suggest you pull one of these………………


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Karri at The Malady Mill!

Congrats, girl!!! ❤


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