IVF Consult

When contemplating how to begin this post, the first thing that popped in my mind was, “I never thought I’d be here.”

& then immediately realized how ridiculous that sounded.

None of us do. Who grows up thinking I’ll get married, undergo 3 failed IUIs, & then jump right into IVF. Surely then, after a few (okay, a lot!) shots, patches, vaginal suppositories, some birth control, & some patches, THEN I’ll be pregnant (maybe).

When beginning this blog, I believed my time as an infertility blogger would be short lived. I’d have a few IUIs & that’d do the trick. As you know if you’ve followed along, that wasn’t the case for us. So here we are. And, even after being attacked by a few brave trolls (internet haters) who got pretty brave behind a made up name & a keyboard, I’m still here. And you know what? I love my blogging community & all the support it has brought into my life.

So, getting to the point, how was our consult?

Despite the fact that I may, or may not have been plagued by a panic attack afterwards, the consult was incredibly helpful.

Our fertility doctor answered all my questions (there was a list lol), wasn’t rushing us out the door, reviewed financing options, & only charged us $80.00 for this consult (a far cry cheaper than the initial $250 we paid).

For starters, he informed us our chances of pregnancy were significantly higher with IVF (as are anyone’s) & our chances of success were 76%. Considering we only had about a 16% chance of the IUIs working, this number made us feel much better.

Secondly, guess who doesn’t have to have an SHG test???? THIS GIRL!!!! Can you sense the excitement???? It was amplified by 10 when I heard the words coming out of his mouth. My husband was quick to inform him the HSG traumatized me so he’d made my day. For those of you who haven’t had the HSG in the last 6 months, our doc was also quick to add the HSG was two times worse than the SHG could ever be…so..there’s that!

They say good news comes in threes so here’s the next thing that made me pretty happy: Our RE informed us I would be completely out on egg retrieval day. He said some centers do not sedate you, or at least not completely, but he felt like that was cruel considering a needle will be in my uterus so he knocks his girls out! God bless him!

Afterwards, he does give pain meds but stated about half of his patients need it & the others don’t. Hopefully, I’ll be part of the latter category. He explained I’d be sore & my ovaries would still be swollen afterwards (Yipeeee!) which slightly makes me nervous since they were so painful last round of Clomid…adding in the fun fact that I’ll be on a shit ton more fertility meds!

While I don’t have to be on complete bed rest afterwards, he did say it was best to take it easy for a few days.

“Will Scott be able to come back with me on egg retrieval day?”

Our doc said that, while it’s usually their policy for men to be giving their sample (wink, wink) while their wife is being sedated, we could cross that bridge when we came to it. I’d at least like Scott to be with me until I was completely knocked out.

“Are we candidates for mini IVF?”

Their clinic doesn’t offer this because they feel the success rates of it are not significant.

Now for the big question……financing!

Here’s how it works: we have to have 8, 200 to start the process. We’ll make a second payment the day of retrieval for anesthesia in the amount of $400.00. 

Thankfully, the clinic will finance the rest of the total cost of 12, 200 in house.

What’s our game plan??

In September, I call the office to order my IVF meds & then start birth control the month of October. Instead of taking the last row of pills known as sugar pills, I’ll start another pack immediately afterwards before IVF.

I’m guessing when I phone the nurse next month I’ll know more on when we attend the teaching session for those fun shots  I’m so looking forward to as well as further instructions to start IVF in November. 



4 thoughts on “IVF Consult

  1. I’m soooo pleased your consult went well and you are happy with most of the things they are planning for you. This first meeting is definitely overwhelming with information, I had a massive headache after mine :-s But yey to plans for moving forward and awesome chances of success!!

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