It Doesn’t Matter If You See Your Glass As Half Full, Or Half Empty

It’s all in how you hold it. 

(or something to that affect-as told by a professor of psychology).

Perception is a funny thing. It toys with the vision of the best of us in our most wondrous moments, as well as in our darkest.

It’s all in how you hold it.

The weight remains the same.

I’ve found this to be very true in the realm of infertility, as well as other areas of my life thus far.

With that being said, recently I’ve tried to channel my papaw, who can find the best in the shittiest of circumstances and always-always-see the good in everyone- & find the glimmers of hope in my current surroundings.

Today has been a trip. A bad non-psychedelic (minus the mild effects of Benadryl administration) trip.

It all started with waking up to my troll of a hater who, so kindly, attacked my blog, as well as several personal things about me. I then went to the bathroom to get ready for the day & a SPIDER ran up out of the sink at me. I screamed, probably alarming my neighbors. After that, I accompanied my friend to some outlet shops as she needed new clothes. We also stopped by the zoo, which was the only nice part of the hellacious day that is today.

Afterwards, I came home to my sweet fur babies who were anxiously waiting for me with wagging tails (I wish everyone saw me the way my dogs did sometimes lol). Post potty break for them, we were walking back inside when something stung the side of my foot. It hurt like a SOB, which I blurted out loudly while on the phone with hubby. Assuming it was a bee sting, I came in to look for a stinger. There was no stinger…just two distinctive markings. Freaking out, I thought maybe I’d been bitten by a snake. Panic commenced. 

In the wake of the photo I sent to my husband via iPHONE, he thought maybe I should have it looked at, at the after hours clinic near home. Long story short, they wouldn’t see me so it was off to the ER I went-only for plans to change halfway there as my husband had contacted his brother who is a PA. He believed it didn’t resemble a snake bite & said I would be in excruciating pain. While it hurt & stung, that was not the case. Second after hours clinic here I came.

Thank God, my brother in law was right & it was NOT a snake bite! The doc there informed me it looked as if I’d stepped on a mound of ants, or bees & I was having an allergic reaction. She said we could do one of two things, or both. I could get a steroid shot, or she could prescribe pill form…when asked which she would do, she answered both.

At this point, I MAY have been a little hysterical & blurted out, “Okay…..just give me a shot! I need to practice getting them for IVF in a few months anyway!”

Unblinking, she responded, “Okay, I’ll tell her to get your shot ready & call your prescription in. We’ll give you some Benadryl before you leave here.”

I’m sure I served as her amusement for the day. lol

On the plus side, I did NOT have a nasty snake bite! I don’t have to worry about my foot rotting off. I won’t be having a luxurious stay in the local hospital tonight. I’m back home with my sweet fur babies, in the comfort of my own home. I’ll sleep in my bed tonight with my two blankies.

Even if your day is filled with road blocks & lemons, it doesn’t mean that some sunshine won’t be peaking through.

It’s all in how you hold it. 

Love & support to all those who may be needing it.

Infertility Shot Memeb71e4fe4469dcde07b72c5df5049d0d3318fe1c7b31d46f03104cf3178201a13


2 thoughts on “It Doesn’t Matter If You See Your Glass As Half Full, Or Half Empty

  1. Oh no, you’ve really been in the wars!! I for one am glad you didn’t have a snake bite! I hope you are feeling lots better. I know exactly what you mean by wishing others saw you as your dogs did! 😍

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