If you’re going to leave a paragraph on my blog abut how pathetic I am & how bad of a person I am, even spatting, “you are what is wrong with this world,” have the balls to leave your name. Don’t do it anonymously. You obviously have a lot to say about me & my life so why are you hiding behind a keyboard & doing it under the tag, “annoyed.”

 You know what annoys me, “annoyed,” people filled with hate who make it their mission to bring others down.

If you don’t like my blog, don’t freaking read it so much-as you obviously had in referencing posts that went back for months. It really is THAT simple. 
Also, for anyone else who may be wondering, we booked & paid the deposit for our beach trip BEFORE we knew we needed IVF. Also, I do go to Starbucks a few times a week. Sue me. I’m sorry, I don’t think maybe $15 a week is stopping me from getting to the 12,000 we need. 
My blog is mine. You can call it anything you like. If it’s a, “diary,” in your hateful eyes, close the book. 



16 thoughts on ““Annoyed”

  1. Oh my goodness! I seriously can relate. I had something so similar happen to me. I was lucky enough that the person actually just told my family and I in person how they felt. I was lucky enough to just ignore their ignorance.

    I am so sorry this person is a coward and cant even tell you who they are. I agree with Kelli. She is a miserable troll. Just like the people in my past. They can go kick rocks!

    Sorry bud! I hope you continue to write.

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  2. Aaaahhhh! That makes me so angry! Please don’t take any negativity on your blog seriously or even feel the need to defend yourself. That’s absurd for someone to say those things. You are a true gem and so brave for writing about what you’ve been through. You are making a positive difference in people’s lives by being open about the pain you’ve had to endure. Ignore the haters! You are amazing!! Additionally, your journey to make a baby is your own journey on your own terms…and that includes emotionally, financially, physically, etc. The IVF road is expensive, time consuming and not easy. It’s one I’ll personally be paying off for a long time but was the path we chose. You keep writing and keep being you!!

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