Your Nightly Comedic Relief

Brought to you by Starbucks, my best friend, & husband.

In light of Starbucks wicked awesome treat receipt, I coaxed hubby out of the house this evening to claim my $2.00 refresher. Before leaving he noted I should probably put on a bra.

Me: “Sarah doesn’t make me wear a bra when I go out with her.”

Scott: “I didn’t say you had to wear one, just cover up.”

“She doesn’t make me conform to society’s rules.”

“Oh, my God.”

Like any good best friend, I text her the entire above conversation. She agreed & further responded with the hashtags: #friendshipgoals #cesileeismyspiritanimal

While we were on the subject, I informed her I had some bras to give her that I’d outgrown since…well, my boobs decided to grow two cup sizes in a matter of months. Funny thing, if you’d have told me I’d be a C cup two years back, I would’ve thought it was because I paid $6000 to get there. Instead, we get to pay a six thousand dollar deposit for IVF. 

At least my rack saved us the deposit?




2 thoughts on “Your Nightly Comedic Relief

    • I try to find the positive where I can haha
      Ugh, I feel your pain!!!! Literally!! lol I’m happy to be taking a break for now so I don’t have to cringe when wearing any piece of clothing over them 😁😁


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