Time For Giveaway Two!


Hi, my name is Cesilee & I’m a DIY/Pinterestaholic (It’s a real thing, it’ll probably be in the next DSM :P). I’m also a gift giving addict. Sorry, not sorry-though none of my friends have complained. I’m the person at Christmas who puts mounds of thought into each gift & loves watching other people unwrap their favorite things.

Because I’m a social worker, I am also a fiend for self care. 

Combining both those things, something that has been in the back of my mind in these past few months is my idea of Infertility Survival Kits.

With that idea in mind, I’ve been putting a few things together for my first kit,

What’s included?

Fun socks! With all the super fun visits to the RE’s office/hospital for appointments & procedures, cute socks always come in handy. Because, lets be honest, who has the time & money (money? what is money in the world of infertility?!?) to keep pedicured toes all the time?

A set of 3 recycled journals. Infertility comes with a a lot of feels. A lot of feels that damage your day to day functioning if you don’t deal with them. If you don’t acknowledge that they are there & hey, they hurt. They hurt a lot. All the feelings of hurt, anger, sadness, & desperation are much better out of you than inside your head. Get them out.

-A koozie from Lauren James. Who doesn’t need some liquid courage after a BFN?

-Germ X from Bath & Body Works. Not pictured because my current sinus infection is ruling my thoughts ATM.

While this, “survival kit,” was created with infertility in mind, please feel free to enter if you follow my blog for any of these other reasons: eating disorders, depression, anxiety, PTSD.

So, how do I enter??

  1. You must be following this blog.
  2. Comment with your name & email address.
  3. Live in the US for shipping purposes. Sorry, my other followers 😦

That’s a wrap! The winner will be drawn a week from today & be notified by email.

G’luck everyone, hope everyone is having an awesome day!


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