Favorite Things Friday: Engagement Edition

I haven’t done one of these in a while as I’ve been wadding in a sea of depression & bitterness (two side effects of infertility). As I’ve said before, I realize it is in these moments I need to look closer into the good things I do have in my life, however blurred they may appear through the lenses.

That is, after all, why I started Favorite Things Friday to begin with……

One of the things that always help my smile lines are our engagement pictures. We have two sets thanks to one of my best friends & our wedding photographer.

A few of my favorite things live in both sessions.

In the first, my husband (but that’s a given…or I hope so lol) & our perfect fur babies (that I just realized this blog does not have enough images of!!! These photos also happen to be taken in Eastern, KY-where we’re both originally from!


In the second set, I’d decided on a theme for our wedding & wanted to incorporate that into the session.

Can you guess it????

Vintage! Another favorite of mine. I’m an old soul. ❤


More of my favorite things (que song on whiskers on kittens) from this shoot are: my cowboy boots (I’m a southern girl, y’all), partially backless dresses (because I love seeing one of my tattoos), the city that has my heart (Lexington, KY), & of, course….my hubby (sorry not sorry if I’m making you gag lol).

Happy favorite things Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

I hope everyone has an awesome weekend, TGIF!!!!!!!!!


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