Better Late Than Never: Favorite Things Friday!

Yesterday was hectic (at best). For no reason in particular was just one of those days that everything & anything went persistently wrong. More than once, I kept thinking that I needed to fulfill my Favorite Things Friday post but, with each time, I was filed with so much frustration & hopelessness that the LAST thing I wanted to do was be positive.

As the day went on, however, I realized that it is in these very moments-the times in which we feel the most defeated & burnt out-that we need to do so. We need to find the good, no matter how hard we have to look for it. It’s somewhere…it always will.


So here are a few things that make my heart smile in the midst of profound difficulties (infertility, PTSD, depression, financial stressors, etc!):

~Cookouts & fire pits! Maybe it’s a Southern thing (you tell me) but having friends over to grill out & PIG OUT on massive qualities of food is one of my favorite things. lol Not to mention, after sitting around a bit to allow to digest, sitting around the fire pit afterwards. Night winding down, fire flies flickering up the yard, surrounded by friends & a face full of smores. What more could ya ask for on a summer Friday night? 😉

Being able to see my rib tattoo also happens to be one of my favorites….

Being able to see my rib tattoo also happens to be one of my favorites….


~Riding our motorcycle!!!!!! When you’re a child of divorce, home is not something that’s necessarily a centralized location (in my experience anyway). One thing I always loved was riding my dad’s Harley with him. It was one of the few things we ever did with just each other & it holds some of my most precious memories. It reminds me of the best him he could be. Recently, my uncle gave it to my husband & I in exchange for his old 4 wheeler (a steal). Today, we took it out for the first time & it was just as magical as I remembered it.


~Being able to laugh in the face of adversity. For a long time (too damn long), I was very impressionable about how others perceived me. I got my feelings hurt easily. This evening, I got an email that someone had commented on one of my recent posts about infertility. They wrote something to the effect of, “I’m sure when God wants you to, you’ll have a baby. You’re so young, why are you in such a hurry?” 

While I felt the heat rising up my neck before I finished the above comment, I was able to laugh about it soon afterwards. Bitch, we want a baby not your opinion. If you have NO IDEA as to what our fertility issues are, I don’t want or need your advice. If you read my blog at all regularly, maybe you’d catch the fact that my age is our only advantage in this situation. If we don’t have a kid before I hit 30/35 & my eggs go down hill too, we are screwed…..but thank you, for the concern. *Eye roll



The fact that, upon observation of how bat shit crazy fertility drugs are making me, I guarantee you wouldn’t make those comments. Scouts honor. Don’t even.


3 thoughts on “Better Late Than Never: Favorite Things Friday!

  1. Haha! I feel ya, and I’m way past that magic age! I love all your happy things. We’re in London so don’t even have a garden(!) but we love having mini bbqs on our balcony. Hanging out with mates is the best, and so is biking! It feels so free! Glad you can still see the happy things, even though folks can be sooo frustrating! X

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