Game Over IUI: Here’s To Hoping For Our Positive!


This morning was our third & final IUI. Our fertility doc is at the beach (damn him! lol) so his nurse did this one. It was a little worse than last time as far as pain goes. In her defense, however, my PTSD was very awake & moving around my body like a spooked wild animal.

The second she closed the door & it was time to lose my panties, the panic set in. That was it, this was happening.

When she returned, I slid back on the table (that I am all too comfortable with at this point) & tried to let my legs fall apart. They obliged…while my husband held onto one of my sweaty hands.

Since my uterus was playing hide & seek (AGAIN!!!!!) the excavation process started. By the time she found it, she’d already asked if I was okay twice. I got the same question as she was injecting our, “sample,” when I was sporting the cringe emoji face.

On the bright side, as it turns out, Scott had more sperm than he’d ever had today! 16 million!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As we had 7 million starting out, this was no small victory! Side note: since I ordered his fertility blend vitamins from GNC, his count has improved every time!

On the not so bright side, as it was our 3rd & final go at IUI, it was time to talk about what would be next if this time didn’t work… got a fun IVF packet. 

IVF scares the hell out of me. Mainly, it freaks me out that there are sooooo many more drugs, needles, & check ups involved when I’ve already had soooo many side effects & PTSD activation with the IUI alone. Also, IVF is actually surgery! It’s done under IV anesthesia in a hospital….for a girl thats already had over a handful of surgeries growing up, that fun fact does not excite me either. Nor does the fact that there is an increased risk of birth defects & multiples.

Oh, & there’s another test I’ll have to have if we have to take this route. An SHG test….I’m still traumatized from HSG, y’all. I do NOT want to have to do anything else.

She went onto say that ICSI (injecting a single sperm directly into the center of the egg) would be our best bet since we’re dealing with male factor infertility. Since I’m under 35 & have a BMI under 32, we have a 76% chance of IVF working for us.

During this time, we also asked about multiple IUI attempts per cycle, as well as blood work for both of us. She replied that our particular center does not offer multiple attempts per IUI due to the fact that, statistically, it did improve chances of success very much. On blood work, she stated that the office only performs it if they’ve looked over your chart & feel you may need it. Since I’ve responded so well to Clomid & always had, “good,” follicles, they don’t see a need for me to do this at this time. However, if our 3rd IUI doesn’t pan out & we have to move onto IVF, blood work would be done then.

Switching gears (somewhat), I am very thankful I’ve went on a self-care binge this week! Yesterday, I got a mani/pedi & today I’m heading to my massage therapist….&, thankfully, my real therapist tomorrow afternoon lol

Two Week Wait, here we go again!

Hopefully, my full week of nannying this upcoming week & our own beach vacation the week after that will make it a little easier this time around 🙂

Fingers crossed!

Fingers crossed!



9 thoughts on “Game Over IUI: Here’s To Hoping For Our Positive!

  1. Good luck! Hopefully you won’t even need to even consider IVF!!!
    During our 3rd IUI the doc started talking about what next…I was like…woah there Doc…you are jinxing this, I do not even want to think about that right now! Of course it’s natural to worry.

    Great news about the sperm, that’s a super impressive increase!

    And as you started it, I’ll hopefully just quickly alleviate your mind that I don’t think that a SHG is anyway near as painful as the HSG was, even when they messed it up, it wasn’t close to being as bad!

    Fingers crossed for you guys!

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    • I sure hope not!!! & I know, right!?? That’s what I was thinking…it made me feel like they weren’t that hopeful about it & I wanted to have a breakdown right there.
      It is!! I sure hope it was enough of an increase to get us to the finish line 😁😁
      That’s a relief! The HSG hurt me sooooo bad that, if it would’ve lasted another second, I would’ve asked him to stop 😦
      Ty, so much!!!!!
      Fingers crossed for you, as well ❤️

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