Third Time’s The Charm?


I had my third round with the infamous dildo cam today. If this-in any way-sounds like a pleasurable experience to you, I assure you, it was not.

As our doc is on vacation (lucky SOB lol), the nurses are taking care of us this week. Thankfully, my angel nurse (sweet lady that scratched my legs during the last painful IUI) was the one to call me back today.

“Third time’s the charm!”  she squealed.


Findings: I have four follicles this time around, two of which that are HUMONGOUS!!! One was so large she initially said she wasn’t sure if it was a follicle, or a cyst. After apologizing because she knew she was hurting me, she said, lucky for me, it was just a big ass follicle (like I need anymore medical intervention right now!).

How I feel about follicle ultrasound day….

How I feel about follicle ultrasound day….

Because my follicles were much larger today, I trigger shot tonight (yippee!) & we do IUI number three Wednesday morning.

The only thing I’m concerned about (apart from the pain & PTSD), is that hubby has done some research on the trigger shot lately. He said, reading up on it, it looks like there’s a 24 to 36 hour window. As my appointment is 10 am Wednesday, that would be 3 hours past the cut off point….which concerns me. A friend of mine, whose an RN, also asked once before how they knew they weren’t missing my, “window,” entirely….& I don’t know the answer to that. On other blogs I follow, as well as in my own research, I’ve seen other people either have their blood drawn, or have several ultrasounds just to be sure everything is a go. At the least, I’ve seen several others say they had an ultrasound the day of the procedure to make sure they were within the peak time frame.

Also, blood work has never been done or even mentioned to either one of us….from what I’ve read, that’s a pretty standard procedure in the world of infertility &, usually, one of the FIRST things completed when you initially see an RE. When we went into this, hubby had two semen analysis & I had the hellacious HSG test. No word of blood work then, or now….if things don’t work out this time around, we’re seriously considering (after a month, or so off from any TX) seeing another specialist. The closest one, apart from the one we are currently seeing, is in Cincinnati. It’s much more of a drive for us but may be worth it….though I hope it doesn’t come to that.

Here’s to hoping….even though I’m not that good at it lately.

On a brighter note, I utilized my inner social worker & did some self care on the way home. After grocery shopping, I snagged these babies in light of my hellacious day & the week to come.




8 thoughts on “Third Time’s The Charm?

  1. Hey girl! Fingers crossed that this is your time! Regarding the trigger shot time frame window, it typically means that ovulation occurs 36 hours after the trigger. For IVF, that means they have to go in and get Jose eggies before they are released otherwise they are lost. For IUIs it’s much more flexible because the eggs live for 24 hours inside you once you have ovulated. I would think that being 3 hours after the 36 hour window would be fine but call your nurse to reassure you. Also, if this round doesn’t work and you are seeking another specialist, I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Henry Bohler’s office here in Louisville. They are located downtown and University of Louisville Hospital. They have been amazing. And, if you do end up cycling here and need a place to stay for whatever reason, we have a guest room 🙂

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  2. i have failed IUI —AND implantation (as i call it) … i am out a ton of money. 17,000 because of unexpected complications. 😦 im feeling sad and discouraged. im starting to think maybe i need to adopt because there are so many kids that have had such hard lives out there- like you! Would you ever give it a thought? Just wondering. not prying. smh. i have been thinking about if the implant would have worked, if i could have even been able to provide for the child like i wanted to without more and more debt. its so sad. i feel helpless sometimes. what is your thoughts on adoption?


    • I don’t disagree with the idea of adoption & have always said I wanted to adopt one child at least (before I was even aware of our fertility issues).
      We just really want a biological child also….& I experiencing pregnancy is just something I really want personally….we shall


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