Short Fuse


That’s what I’ve been lately.

Though maybe that’s not exactly the right word….No fuse would be a more accurate depiction of how today has gone.

Last night my husband, as he sometimes does, was snoring. I shook him in an attempt to get him to roll over & he snapped back with, “What?! Stop it!”

“You’re snoring.”

“No I’m not, I wasn’t even sleeping.”

This encounter was all it took to wake up crazy Clomid lady. Fire started bubbling up in my eyes as soon as he initially got hateful with me. I was death staring him so hard I was surprised fire didn’t shoot out of my eyes & light up the dark room. He apologized..I remained pissed.

To add to the fun……..we spent the night at my in laws & didn’t sleep the best in the rock of the bed that was the guest room. TV blaring loudly at 7 am, I opened my eyes to feel like someone ran over my back & twisted my neck. Not a good start to the day.

Long story short, my father in law & husband were not in the best of moods all day. Which fueled the fire to pissing me off even more.

We arrived at my mamaw’s (Southern word for grandma) & she wasn’t a ray of sunshine either today. Pissed my uncle had just given us my dad’s old Harley, she wasn’t speaking to me. She ignored me & didn’t really speak to me the majority of the time we were there. Finally, after dinner, she acknowledged my existence & followed us out to the car to say goodbye.

But the fun continues….I’m not exactly sure why the fucking hell (this is the Clomid talking, sorry not sorry) people think their stupid ass comments are going to aid our infertile situation but, nonetheless, they apparently wholeheartedly believe otherwise. My aunt was over who, by the way (& this is the important part), KNOWS we’re having infertility issues & made the comment, as I’m holding my nephew, “When are you gonna have you one?”

I felt the fire rising from my stomach & up to my eyes. I managed to look right at her & notify her that, whenever the fertility drugs & treatments worked, I guessed that would be it. *cue red faced emoji

If you KNOW we’ve been trying like hell to have children & CAN’T, why the FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK do you feel that’s an appropriate thing to introduce into a conversation?!?!?!?!

Ehh, I’ve been taking hormones pills from hell, getting stabbed in the stomach, having invasive ultrasounds, & undergoing invasive procedures for 4 months now but, ya know, I guess we’ll just have kids whenever the urge strikes.

Oh, & did I mention the fun fact that I’ve been so nauseous for two weeks now that I can barely eat anything? Thankfully, today is a day I can actually enjoy REAL food…& you best believe I’ve taken full advantage! My grandparents garden &, despite mamaw being annoyed with the fact we got a bike, she had a delicious Southern meal prepared for us! Green beans, potatoes, corn, cucumbers, & tomatoes all from the garden. She also had some fried chicken I knew I couldn’t enjoy even on days my stomach doesn’t want to cringe at the mention of anything edible.

Rant over, y’all!


Has anyone else noticed the longer they’ve been taking Clomid the more severe the side effects are??? Anyone else have severe nausea?? 


6 thoughts on “Short Fuse

  1. That’s so annoying! Fortunately I’ve never been on Clomid as it sounds horrendous. You must be so cross about the questions – I know I am when I get them. I want to slap someone! (I’ve managed not to so far!) I hope your time on Clomid improves quickly!

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    • Oh, believe me, so am I 😂 I am soooo not in the mood for it anymore….I’ve also, thus far, reframed from physically hurting someone but my patience died last month so we’ll see how long that lasts hahaha
      Ty, love!

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