& We Have A Winner!!

Don’t you love reading something that makes you feel a little less crazy? Something that stops you in your tracks with the thoughts, “Wow, it’s not just me!”

As I said in my previous post of Every Drunken Cheerleader, Why Not Me?: This book is a beautiful depiction of what it’s really like to struggle with infertility. From the thoughts we think often but do not share with those around us, to the agonizing disappointment, & then to the hope we all long for at the end of this crooked, uncharted road. The book made me laugh….cry….& feel less alone as I saw words I wouldn’t dare share with anyone else in my life. It helped me out, so I want to help someone else out & pass the book along to them as well.

The winner of this blogs first giveaway was Kelli, congrats Kelli!!!!!! I’ll be contacting you shortly 🙂

In other news…..

We’re just four days out from the very long end of our second two week wait. As many of you know, those 14 days drag out like the last week of school does when we were kids. The unhurried progression of days falling off my calendar has made me feel like I’ve been stranded on an island-not knowing, if 14 days later, I would be rescued or have to stay put yet again.

Those 14 days are filled with sooooo much anxiety & unwavering uncertainty. It’s left us questioning what we will be purchasing in 14 days-baby items (oh, my heart!), or several margaritas from our local Mexican restaurant (because we all know that’s where the strongest ritas are born.

We shall see……& now we (keep) waiting. Something I’ve never been and still am not good at.

My baby sister called me this morning & said she and my GORGEOUS nephew are coming to visit tomorrow for a few days so I’m hoping that will serve as a distraction in these last few treacherous days in the waiting game!

I’ll leave you with pictures of the most beautiful, perfect baby in the world….side note: when I show his pictures to people, I continue to hold my iPHONE in front of their face for an extra 5 seconds…I told me husband I expect a little more than, “Awww,” because aww was for ugly babies & they were looking at the face of pure perfection…I may, or may not proceed to show them 1, or 2 more pictures of him..I should probably calm down just a tad LOL #CrazyAunt



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