This Is IT, I Must Be Pregnant!!!

Earlier in the week, I saw a mock post talking about the insane reasoning you MUST be pregnant during the agonizing two week wait in infertility treatment. I giggled….a lot &, every time I’ve thought to myself, “I must be pregnant!” I revisit it.

Without further ado…..for your viewing pleasure… logic (or lack thereof) amid the TWW:

  • My boobs are sore…OMG, I’m pregnant!!!
  • I peed three times over a three hour shopping trip..I must be pregnant! (never mind the fact that I consumed a grande latte, two waters, half a coffee, & a diet coke during this timeframe).
  • I’m craving hamburgers…..I must be pregnant! (maybe I just really need a hamburger?) 617408b4a33c4b3916747918dc2062ed
  • I’ve woken up nauseous….I must be pregnant!!!! (The fact that my eating disorder forever damaged my stomach lining is irrelevant here?).

By this point, in my crazed faulty logic, I have browsed board after board on Pinterest searching for ways to announce this newfound bliss to my husband, sister, grandparents, parents, my husband’s parents, best friends, & literally anyone else who will listen to me!!

More, “evidence,” follows:

  • My Rottweiler jumped in bed with me this morning to cuddle….OMG, I must be pregnant!!! He never does this!

    What, mama? Don't you know I'm a lap dog?

    What, mama? Don’t you know I’m a lap dog?

  • I didn’t want my usual grande non fat chi tea latte when starting my day….I must be pregnant! 5ab91691f0afbda6ce52bfcc9df93dc9
  • Diet coke tasted a little off…..I must be pregnant!! (What if it just wasn’t cold enough? You shut your mouth!!)
  • I’m constipated….I must be pregnant! (Thanks, to my lovely 14 year relationship with my eating disorder, this too is just another way of life for me…but this week no, no-this week it must mean something!!!!!)
  • I’m fatigued times 10 & could sleep for literal days…..I must be pregnant!!!! (Wasn’t I like this last time at the end of a clomid hangover? Maybeeeee!).
  • My gums bled when I flossed…..I must be pregnant!!!!!
  • This is my second headache of the week…..I must be pregnant!!!

Are all these, “signs,” & symptoms actually relevant this month, or did I just overanalyze every.single.thing to the point of exhaustion (like I did last month)??? Find out……in just 8 days.



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