“Everything is different….the second time around…”

IUI 2: Eww


Unfortunately for me, the trigger shot wasn’t the only thing different this month. When we had our first IUI, I was shocked to see how fast the procedure went. The speculum was the only part of the procedure that hurt & it seemed like the doctor announced he was finished in under five minutes. This was NOT the case today.

We’d just gotten back in the waiting room when a nurse came out & called Chelsea…nobody got up so I waited for her to drop a last name. Nothing. Fun fact: my name has been pronounced 15 different ways & I’ve been called Chelsea at least 3 times. Ironically enough, it is also my sister’s name (who looks like my twin) who just had a baby. Hopefully Chelsea was good luck 😉

Once we got back to the room I went into my three year old mode. Everything was awful & I was dying…..or, at least that’s what I kept chanting at my husband. So we drank our Starbucks, took some selfless, & I then informed him it looked like a cup holder was on the ultrasound machine (In my defense, I honestly believe it does in fact look like a cup holder AND it had nothing else inside it sooo do the math Mr. Scientist ;P). Bloopers below:


Apparently, my uterus is as tired as I am  of this whole process & decided to play hide and seek with the doc today. After shoving it in & out, around & down, the nurse had me sit on my hands to see if that may help change its position. After a little more digging & cramping, he finally found it.

During all of the above, I was incredibly blessed with the nurse from Heaven! As soon as they had me put my feet in stirrups & shimmy down, she started scratching my knee. She did this the entire time, telling me she was trying to help distract me & started scratching with both hands after the excavation process began to drag on. I wonder now if she was the one my husband spoke asked if a Valium could be prescribed for the HSG test since I have PTSD….of, course it could’ve also been from the fact that my body was so constricted my shoulders were up to my ears at the time. Whatever the reason, I am incredibly thankful for her & wish I could have her with me during every gynecological procedure I had!

The Good News:

Scott had a higher sperm count this time!!!!!!!! After washing, we had 10 million little swimmers! Last time, we only had 7.5 so I’m very happy things improved. In our first round, the dr had also said he liked to see at least 10 million so, hopefully, now that we had it today, this round will be the last round!

I had a lot of cramping during & I’m still having some on and off but my PTSD & I survived today-thanks, to the wonder nurse and ol Scotty.

I’m crossing everything I have & saying lots of prayers. We’d appreciate it if you did the same (if that’s something you do). If not, send a few good vibes our way. 🙂


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