Leslie Knope Was Right: Trigger Shot Two


I’m in the 4th season of Parks & Rec, how-how I ask you-did I forget this gem?

He stabbed me again, my husband.

The moment of betrayal happened around 6:40 last night..okay, maybe not around. That’s exactly when it happened.

Friends were waiting to meet us for dinner & I knew I couldn’t lay on the bed thrashing like a two year old for over half an hour this time around. FullSizeRender

Initially, I ended up screaming & theatrically knocking the needle out…which already felt really pleasant for my little tummy, let me tell ya. Finally, he jabbed me & I lay there cringing til it was over. It stung a lot more this time (not sure why) & left me with a faint little bruise. 11657549_1608079936096965_820343744_n

I’m also a lot more sore, got dizzier immediately afterwards, & am still a bit nauseous this morning. In retaliation, my stomach is also….a bit messed up (fill in non poetic description containing beautiful things here).

To sum things up……..


IUI number two is a go for tomorrow morning. Scott’s appointment is at 8 & they’ll be ready for the actual procedure at 9. Here’s to hoping the Orange Is The New Black theme song has some relevance here…..

“Everything is different…….the second time around.”

On a (somewhat) different note, I’ve been trying to find, “the gift,” so to speak in this uphill battle paved with difficulties and devastations. The friend I mentioned we were meeting for dinner had called me when I was on my way home to ask if my husband & I wanted to meet her and her roommate for dinner. We don’t get to see each other very often since we both lead busy lives so I said we’d meet her after my stabbing. She served as my motivation to get the shot done as quickly as possible & eliminated my half hour (to who knows when!) panic leading up to the moment of. Leaving the house right after also took my mind off of the side effects that hit immediately.

My friend didn’t know what I would be doing that evening, she had no way of knowing I would go home, get a fertility shot, & then lay around sulking the rest of the evening, with a panic attack thrown in there somewhere I’m sure. We hadn’t seen each other in three months but, somehow, she thought to call & ask us to meet for dinner last night. It’s moments like these I feel like I can really see God in my life….they are the most beautiful of things. Thank God, for beautiful friendships & Himself. ❤

Last funny of the morning…….



4 thoughts on “Leslie Knope Was Right: Trigger Shot Two

  1. Man, I wish my trigger shots could’ve been to the tummy. Mine were always in the thigh and one time, we totally missed the mark and it went straight into muscle…so painful. The belly shots never bothered me though (Thank God). Praying everything goes well tomorrow and you get great news at the end of the 2ww.

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  2. I never in a million years would have thought I would be giving myself shots in the tummy! I hate needles, so it amazes me that I WILL NOT allow my husband to give me the shots, I MUST stab myself LOL. I guess I’m a control freak.
    Good luck this month!!! Grow follies grow!

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    • Me eitherrrrrrr!!!!! I was always afraid maybe I’d get diabetes because my dad’s side has it everywhere but nope…just infertility for us lol
      Ty! IUI this morning..hopefully it works this time 😁


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