How I feel about the belly button challenge


Hours before hearing of this idiocy yesterday, I’d told the 12 year girl I was nannying I needed to take a break from what we were doing to write down my food for my nutritionist.

Puzzled she responds, “But you’re skinny…you don’t need a nutritionist!”

To which I answered with the minimal description of: “That’s why I see her. Before, I was too skinny & it made me very sick.”

Things like this & the idolizations of the thigh gap make me so angry because, once again, it’s forcing a misrepresentation into the lives of young people who can’t understand this is not the norm. People who don’t understand, “the reward,” they’re going to achieve in striving for these things. At different points in my 14 year fight with my #eatingdisorder (&, I assure you, it was a fight. It still is), I believed there was nothing wrong with what I was doing because that’s what my body should be. I believed, if celebrities looked this way & were, “fine,” I would be too. I also believed I wasn’t, “sick enough,” to suffer all those scary things on the effects page of an ED brochure.

I was wrong. I damaged my heart, I have a collapsed valve now & I still get dizzy sometimes-most especially if I haven’t had enough water. I damaged my stomach &, after years of laxative abuse, I’m now reliant on them again because my own stomach forgot what to do. The other effects I attained have, thankfully, went away with time…the other two never will. They will be with me for the rest of my life. & that is why, whenever I can, I share my journey through he hell of an eating disorder. I want today’s children to KNOW the effects are real. They are long term. It can & will happen to you. Please don’t let it. Feel free to share, especially if you have an impressionable child in your life. 💜


4 thoughts on “How I feel about the belly button challenge

  1. Beautiful post! I do have something completely unrelated to ask though. Did you go to UK? Both my husband and I did! In fact that’s where we met. We currently reside in Louisville. It is amazing how small the world can be some times!

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    • Wow, it really is!
      I do, I’m in the MSW program there. We live in Georgetown. Have you all found any support groups, or anything useful infertility wise around here??? I found one support group that said it met once a month in Frankfort but we haven’t tried it out yet….

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