The 1st post of the day may have been a little premature

Earlier today, when relishing in the first emotion Clomid gave me this morning, I decided to blog about what fertility drugs were really like. While the post was spot on, I think the fertility drugs pulsating through my veins wanted to show me just how right I was about this.

For your viewing pleasure……

After sitting at home for the majority of my day off, I got restless & decided to grab a coffee and do some retail therapy. On my way to Starbucks, the person riding shotgun in an SUV beside me kept pointing toward me. They did this about three times, making me even (irrationally) angrier each time. The last time they did this, windows down, I yelled-in bumper to bumper traffic-


Immediately afterwards, I started laughing…& did for about five more minutes. When I finally rolled up to the window at my first stop, I finally managed to stop, place my order, & call my husband with the newest crazy clomid story. I laughed again…& then almost started crying again because I, “was a mean person.”

Please note: I am fine, I’m just on fertility drugs. I hope this makes you laugh just as much as it remains to for me.



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