“The only honest people in the world are kids & drunk people,” &, sometimes, their cartoons

Something I’ve always felt to be both strange & remarkable is the brutal honesty that comes from the mouths of children….&, occasionally, their TV shows.

Take ol’ Spongebob for instance. I dunno about you but I think the little guy depicts the agony of the two week wait impeccably.

Spongebob TWWSponge TWW2Spongebob TWW 3

These past two weeks, as shown above, had seemed to creep by. The days & hours in those days tiptoed by very carefully, seemingly at the rate of the last few hours on a  Friday…every.damn.day.

Until Monday of this week that is. You see, on that day, the days began hurdling forward so fast my head has began to spin. What I thought would feel like another two weeks in one has dwindled down to seemingly half the time.

Now that we’re quickly approaching the end of this TWW, I’ve grown more nervous & even, to my surprise, dreadful in the fast approaching end. We both feel it. Hubby has acted the most anxious he has since beginning this mind boggling process.

In a way, I feel like the certainty, if it ends in what we do not want, will be even worse than the agonizing wait we’ve endured that I so dreaded. I’m afraid that, after enduring the hellacious HSG test, swallowing a bunch of hormones at the exact same time every day, having a needle jabbed in my stomach, doing the follicle ultrasound, & then the IUI, our efforts will be incontestably thwarted.

& that terrifies me.

Patience may most definitely not be a virtue I possess but I also have another component at play nearing this end….I do not like to lose. Most especially when I’ve fought like hell to win.


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