12 Things Infertility Taught Me


Infertility & What I’ve Learned Thus Far

It’s okay to cry because you will….& probably a lot. Most especially after entering the wondrous world of Clomid.

Fertility meds are no f#$!*$! joke! Initially, when reading & hearing about the insane side effects from these satanic drugs necessary for our baby making, I thought, surely, it had to be an exaggeration. Listen to me now, friend….THEY ARE NOT!!! Expect to become a raving lunatic that no PMS has ever imagined holding a candle to.


My (poor) husband puts up with a lot of shit I have been a raving bitch on Clomid. I was aware of this…I was also an emotional lunatic who could’ve probably used some more medication to calm my ass down during the Clomid craze. Anyway, I’ve decided he must really love me!

Hey, girl infertility Husband infertility

Shockingly, I would be able to be stabbed with a terrifying looking needle…in the stomach When I was younger, watching my grandmother poke herself with insulin shots multiple times a day made me cringe. I can remember praying, multiple times, to never get the diabetes that is so rampid on my dad’s side of the family simply because I never believed I’d be able to get a shot there….surprise, surprise.

People will say incredibly insensitive & mean things to you It will happen….over & over again. So far, I’ve had someone ask if we were making a, “test tube baby,” another ask why now-like our pregnancy & life choices were any of their concern, multiple people jokingly say, “You’re going to be the next Octomom!” & of, course the more annoying ones that tend to get under my skin even more so: “If you’d just relax it’ll happen!” “If God wants you to be a mother, you will be!” “Just don’t think about it!” Yeah….since we have a diagnosed fertility issues I’m sure if we relax & don’t think about it, it’s bound to happen! Also…saying the treatments will likely be successfully if God intends for us to be parents is just plain cruel. End of story.


This s!$# is expensive Thanks, to our insurance not covering a cent of our diagnostics & treatments infertility is costing us an arm & a leg! So far, all of the testing for both my husband & myself, the drugs, & IUI attempt #1, we’ve spent a whopping $2,874.99. & we don’t know if we’re finished yet.

People complaining about their pregnancy on any form of social media will never be able to fathom just how much I want to punch them in the face This one, I believe, speaks for itself.


I can live without lethal doses of caffeine Yes, it’s true! You may not be surprised by this token of wisdom…I myself, however, remain amazed. Thanks, to not knowing whether or not a treatment has been successful for two weeks, reducing my caffeine intake has became a new life goal….Starbucks, your favorite misses you. Hold those nonfat chai’s for me & tell them I love them.

I can also live without alcohol for the same reason as the above.

We aren’t alone Even though we both felt this strongly in the beginning, when I started this blog & began stumbling upon other infertility blogs, I saw this was not the case. 1 in 8 couples deals with infertility. I wish we’d known that gem sooner. After opening up about our struggles, a lot of people I knew began sharing with me they too had experienced the same.

I can handle my gynecology related PTSD While I used to flip shit every time I had to go through one of hellacious annual visits, I’ve been surprised at my capacity to go through all the fertility test & treatments we’ve had so far. Has it been hard? Oh, most definitely! Have I been able to go through with it anyway? To my surprise, yes.

Distractions are necessary, make time to have fun & enjoy life Infertility takes up a loooootttttt of your time. The appointments, the medication regimen, the research-alllllll the research!! Take some time for you, take some time for your spouse.



8 thoughts on “12 Things Infertility Taught Me

  1. This hits the spot to a “T”. Anyone who hasn’t experienced or had to go through what we, with infertility, go through, will never truly understand how we feel…

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