The Two Week Wait…& other kinds of hell

Two Week Wait

In approximately 10 minutes, we’ll officially be halfway through our two week wait!

If you’ve experienced one of these yourself, I don’t have to tell you it’s the equivalent of waiting on your food at a restaurant…when you are starving…..for 14 days.
We’re just sitting around diddling our thumbs-& all the other fingers-counting down to the inevitable. Will we be one of the lucky people whose 1st IUI is a go, or will I be filling another prescription of Clomid, getting probed with the dildo camera, & bribing someone to stab me in the stomach again this month?
TWW meme
To add to the fun, several people keep asking me when I’ll know if the procedure was a success. Originally, I didn’t want to tell anyone what we were dealing with but some just couldn’t be avoided. The lady I nanny for had to be informed because I was going to be an hour late the day I had the IUI. Our immediate families know. They knew we were undergoing infertility treatment & they were aware we had our first try at getting my eggos preggo….& now everyone is asking me & my husband when we’ll know.
For one, come next Friday, if I get a big fat negative, I can’t imagine feeling up to a convo about that with anyone a few hours after seeing it. On the other hand, if we were to get a BIG FAT POSITIVE, I’m still very nervous about sharing that with anyone. I’ve had a miscarriage before…I made the mistake in announcing that pregnancy entirely too early & then, with every person I had to tell about it when they brought up pregnancy, it was like a loss all over again every single time.
I don’t want to do that again…though I’m not sure how that can be avoided this time around since everyone else is, apparently, anxiously awaiting also.
While I’ve tried to be as positive as possible, I’m finding that very challenging. It’s not that I don’t think any procedure will ever work…it’s just that I don’t want to get my hopes up that this, after IUI #1, will be our time. I don’t want to be even more let down if I see a negative next week.
What’s made matters even more complicated this past week are the symptoms that have shown up for me. I’ve been exhaustingly tired, taking two naps this week (I NEVER nap unless I’m sick, sick), craving salty/sour things (specifically Sour Pouch Kids, Margaritas, & Pickled Corn), & I’ve gotten nauseous a few times. Mind you, I am well aware that all of the above could be from pregnancy, or all the hormones my body has been filled with over the course of a month.
& now we wait…..
Patience may be a virtue but i’m not sure I have it, friend
How did you get through your TWW?? How did you deal with everyone anxiously awaiting the news??
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