what is real courage?

If you’ve been on any type of social media this week, I can guarantee you’ve seen post after post on Caitylyn Jenner (formerly known as Bruce Jenner). More than likely, you’ve probably also seen the collage with Jenner on one side & an American soldier on the other with the caption: “Only one of these is a hero,” or “This is what real courage looks like.”

& I wonder, with every post i see, how another person can define courage for someone else.

Is the cancer survivor more courageous than an abuse survivor?

Is an American soldier more courageous than Martin Luther King?

Or what about someone who overcame an eating disorder?

Who are we to decide how any person’s courage is to be weighed? Who are we to say your struggle doesn’t matter?

Regardless of whether, or not you support this decision, I’m not sure how you can justify saying it is any less of a courageous feat.

I’m willing to bet-& I’m not a betting lady-the fear in facing her family & the public was insurmountable. I’m willing to bet concern for her safety crossed the mind’s eye. I’m willing to bet fear & doubt concerning how the decision would affect those she loved, herself, & her own career.

But she did it anyway.

That sounds pretty damn courageous to me.


5 thoughts on “what is real courage?

  1. Those photos are driving me nuts! Not everyone defines hero the same way and not everyone is going to have the same hero. On top of that, Caitlyn Jenner being a hero to people does not at all take away the fact the American soldiers are heroes. I just think the comparison is stupid!

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