True Life: I’m shooting up……….fertility drugs

Infertility Shot Meme

Body shots were a lot more fun in college. There was alcohol in every corner, tons of pictures (that were guaranteed to be regretted later), & an all around good time.

Tonight, was sorta like that…I still pulled my shorts down, tank top up…still had someone leaning down above my stomach. Unfortunately, without a jello shot or the like, but a pointy needle about to make me its bitch instead.


Don’t let Sophie Belle (our fur baby) fool you. She was NOT supportive & cried the entire time as I lay panicking.


The above is one blooper taken over the course of thirty-five minutes of me freaking out. After 35 minutes of whining, my husband finally resorted to stabbing me in the belly like a steak…looking back, I can’t say I really blame him..even though I refuse to tell him so &, instead, quote him this gem from Meet The Parents:

Circle of trust

fertility trigger shot

my tummy is still sore & I’m bitter, okay? Also, thanks to the new influx of hormones, I’m blaming them.


To my surprise, the shot was not near as bad as I imagined it to be…was it unpleasant? Yes. Did it feel uncomfortable? Oh, yeah. Did I manage to not pass out & throw up? YES-THANK GOD, YES!!!!

Side effect wise (so far), I still have a store belly, nausea, & I’ve felt dizzy on and off since taking it…& emotional, lets not forget the emotional hell that is fertility drugs.

& now we wait for IUI number 1 on Friday! Any & all prayers & baby dust appreciated!

I’m not really feeling Clomid & its gateway drugs anymore, y’all

Clomid gateway drug


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