The Duggar Child Abuse Scandal


If you are not currently residing in a cave, I’m sure you’ve heard about the Duggar scandal surrounding child molestation. What the media has failed to discuss, however, are the victims of Josh Duggar’s crimes-or, “mistakes,” as his family likes to refer to them.

What’s more, in statements released by Josh’s parents & wife, the emphasis is placed entirely on him. With absolutely no regard to his sisters, or the other girls he molested. In every article I’ve read discussing the issue over the past several days, I’ve seen-repeatedly, on an irritating level-how the family has sympathized with Josh & spoke about the counseling he supposedly received. The articles themselves also fail to speak about his victims.

Now, let me tell you why this is a bigger issue. For one, we as a society have-again-failed victims of sexual abuse by placing more emphasis on the abuser than their actual victim. More emphasis is drawn around the person who committed unspeakable acts than the one who suffered the insurmountable pain of what was done to them. Not to the abuser. Frankly, I do not give two shits about the counseling Josh Duggar received. What about the people who suffered because of his sexual crimes? Oh, wait-“mistakes.”

On another note, the Duggar perfectly exemplifies  the complexities of incest. If a child is sexually abused outside of their family, more often than not, the family rallies around them quickly. With incest, it’s quite the opposite. When sexual abuse occurs inside a family, families do not want to believe it. They don’t want to believe something so terribly bad could happen within their own family..a place that is suppose to be sacred, a  safe space.There’s also a lot more at stake. Relationships will likely be broken on many levels, effecting the entire family instead of the victim alone. They want the child to be absolutely certain, creating the added pressure to, “be sure.”

Josh Duggar’s parents covered up their family’s incest for more than a decade. They covered up the sexual abuse of their other children. Children who were relying on them for protection.

As a society, we need to stop a lot of things surrounding rape & sexual assault. With the issues present in this case in particular, we need to stop empathizing with the abuser more so than his victims & we need to call things what they are. Josh Duggar did not commit, “mistakes.”

He committed sexual abuse.


6 thoughts on “The Duggar Child Abuse Scandal

  1. Agreed. I’d also like to know who abused Josh (his parents? Church members?), and if that abuser is still a threat to the family. Because abuse is generally a symptom of abuse. However horrid his actions are, they are a symptom of a larger problem.

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  2. Agreed. I actually enjoyed watching that show…not that I agreed with their religious views or thoughts on the world in general, but I loved watching the family dynamic and how they all worked together all the time. I now feel like I’ve been lied to for years. I feel horrible for the girls, whichever ones were abused (I haven’t seen anything with their names, but I imagine that is for their own protection.) I truly hope that the girls can get some counseling so that they are able to heal from whatever was done to them. I was horrified to hear about this, so sad.

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