All The Feels

An accurate depiction of how I feel on Clomid: 

I am tired (competing in the Hunger Games level tired-All.Damn.Day), I’m naseauted (comparable to bad Chinese food sickness), & a complete emotional shit storm (if a fellow social worker were observing unaware I am on Clomid, they would probably commit my crazy ass)….but I-drum roll & hallelujah-took my last dose of (this round of) Clomid last night! Thank ya, Jesus!!!!! 

So what’s next?

I go in Tuesday afternoon for an ultrasound to see how many/what size follicles I have. I’m guessing the trigger shot & IUI will be scheduled that day as well. 

On a (slightly) different note, it’s times like these that are especially difficult in not having a stable parent. Obviously, my husband can’t take off work for every little appointment we have-it’s a stretch making the IUI’s & test work out. So that leaves me with having to go to some of these things alone…which is fine when I’m not also an emotional freak show. Feeling the full effects of the med today, I will be infinitely blessed if I don’t show up in the waiting room crying with a mascara massacre smeared all over my face…who knows, I may still have like 3 other mood swings while I’m waiting sooooo they’ll either think A) I’m fine &/or B) Oh, shit that poor bitch is on Clomid! 

On another level, I don’t really have anyone else who can go with me either. Our friends that are our ages don’t exactly have he best responses to our infertility woes…the ones I’ve heard heavily resemble a post I wrote on what NOT to say to someone in the midst of infertility. 

Since I feel like I could star in The Walking Dead ATM, ending this post sounds like a plan.

That’s all folks!




6 thoughts on “All The Feels

  1. Clomid made me a bit crazy when I was on it last year for 4 months. I’m still bit sure it was all the drugs, or some of the crazy was the pressure I had put on myself for the treatment to work. So as hard as it sounds, try and relax. Definitely easier said than done I know. X

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    • May God have mercy on your soul LOL I HATED that stuff!!!!!!! I hope that you’re one of the lucky people who don’t have terrible side effects!!! It’s been two days without it almost & I’m still feeling nauseous /:

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