I’m on a roller-coaster!

Clomid Coaster

that isn’t nearly as exciting as it sounds. you see, I’m not at 1 of the top rated amusement parks (I’m not at an amusement park at all, actually). I’m not smiling for the hidden cameras as butterflies fill my stomach & screaming wildly.

No, no..I am on the emotional roller coaster of Clomid hell. there has still been some screaming & the coaster is still fast moving but, I can assure you, I am, by no means, having a good time. No, sir!

As I’ve told my husband a thousand times in these past few days, I am having, “all the feels.” All of them….in about a twenty minutes timespan.

Shamefully, I hesitantly admit yelling, “COME ON, DINOSAUR!!!!” at an old man in traffic. Did he hear me? No, thank God but..come on! Later, at the bank, after being told my last name couldn’t be changed because I didn’t have my marriage certificate (which they already saw once when my husband was added to the bank account), I didn’t utter another word &, instead, walked out to my car & stormed off….like a raving lunatic.

Am I aware I’m being completely ridiculous? You bet your ass! Can I stop it? Hell, no. Believe me, for the safety of myself & others, I would.

I am ELATED I only have two more days of taking this demonic poison. Until then, as one Scott’s favorite movies says,

“May the force be with you!”

to my poor, poor husband.



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