Move over Redneck Crazy, there’s a new psycho in town #ClomidCrazy

clomid crazy

i start clomid in a few days & i’m not sure who is more nervous-me or my, already cowering in the corner, poor husband.

don’t get me wrong, i’m very excited to get the ball-or sperm rather ;)- rolling on this whole baby making process…at the same time, however, i have read HORROR story after horror story on the side effects of clomid.

i know what you’re thinking, the internet is full of horror stories & those effects probably won’t happen to me…i thought that, too….until I, A) talked to other unfortunate souls who have taken clomid & B) until my therapist exclaimed, with wide eyes, “I’ve heard that, too,” in reference to me saying i’d heard it makes people crazy.

in addition to the testimonies of the crazy train clomid boards one on, i’m a naturally anxious person as it is. i also struggle with depression. though i wouldn’t say i’m depressed right now in my present life, i know it is always  something i will struggle with & have to keep watch over for the rest of my life. with that being said, i’m mostly anxious about just how clomid will come into play with those two factors.

i will keep y’all posted on how it goes for me, unless of, course i land myself in an institution like some woman wrote she felt she was bound for while taking clmoid… which case my husband can log on & update you. i’m totally kidding…..

i hope. 


2 thoughts on “Move over Redneck Crazy, there’s a new psycho in town #ClomidCrazy

  1. Just wanted to be one person who didn’t confirm those things. I took clomid and had almost no symptoms 🙂 (literally none I can recall right now!) – I did have one night where I had a panic attack, but I think that was somewhat unrelated and more to do with stress overall. Best of luck – hope it goes smoothly!

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