How to survive a baby shower (& other awkward things) when dealing with infertility


so you’re going to a baby shower-or another awkward event-while you’re in the midst of infertility. first of all, i feel for you. going to a baby shower when dealing with this is the equivalent to being the older single family member at a wedding.

……”You’re next!”

or, in this case, when are you going to be next?

i knew it would be awkward before it was..i anticipated, as mentioned in my previous post, the questions i knew were going to be coming: “when are you having a baby??” while i knew i would think (to myself), whenever the fertility meds work but thank you (only not) for asking. what i did not think, however, was actually saying this very thing.

my hormones, on the other hand, had other plans. for the past week, i will readily admit i have been a raging bitch. i’m not sure if it’s PMS,  the anticipated stress of the shower/going back to where i’m from in general, or a combination of all of the above but they’ve been off the hook.

with that being said, i wasn’t really inclined to smile sweetly both times people asked me when i was having a baby &, most especially, when someone asked if i was pregnant too.

the hormones had some creative no nonsense responses that are as followed:

“I wish.”

“I can’t.”

&, “Whenever the fertility treatments start to work.”

ultimately, i decided, if you’re going to make me feel uncomfortable (nearly sending me to the bathroom in tears), then i’m going to make you uncomfortable, too damn it. i was already dreading this day immensely (for myself) before anything was said, i did not ask for this event to be even harder than it was already going to be for me.

at the end of the day, all i have to say is thank you, crazy hormonal lady problems. ya sure came in handy today.


3 thoughts on “How to survive a baby shower (& other awkward things) when dealing with infertility

  1. People shouldn’t ask such questions it is just rude, especially in front of other people, in a private conversation? ok why not but in front of others even if you aren’t infertile you shouldn’t be asked such questions. My sister is infertile and every time someone asked her this questions I felt so awkward and tried to distract and derive the subject to a different matter because I knew she didn’t want to talk about it. Anyway this is a good blog, keep up the good work and if you have time visit my website, each visit is very important to me 😉 Cheers!

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