1 in 8


I never believed i would be the one in eight. the one in eight people struggling with infertility.

i never believed i would i would become a resentful person scrolling through pregnancy announcement after pregnancy announcement on Facebook. the one in eight walking around with the constant worry that i may never know the excitement of a Christmas morning, the thrill of an Easter egg hunt, or the, “burden,” of sleepless nights & spilled milk.

over the course of this past week, it seems like i’ve seen at least four pregnancy announcements on my newsfeed. add the fact that it’s Mother’s Day into the mix, where mom after mom is posting honorary status updates about the birth of their children. then there’s throwing in the third tag team player in this fight, my sister’s baby shower this weekend. for the past

month, i have felt an immense amount of dread about this event….& i’ve felt really badly about that up til now….i realize now that i can still be happy for her & the new life inside of her while, at the same time, be very sad for me.

if we’re being honest, i’m not really sure how i’m going to get through a day filled with games about babies & pregnancies….baby clothes, hats, & shoes….& the comment i dread more than all of the above that i KNOW is coming….“when are you going to have a baby?” 

well…..we, pardon my french, don’t fucking know. i guess it’ll be whenever the fertility drugs & IUI’s work out to our advantage. if you’re going to present at this shower, or any shower in the future, for the love of God, PLEASE do not ask someone this…you do not know their situation & why, or why not they do not have children. you don’t know if, after being diagnosed with infertility, they are going through painful procedure after procedure trying with all that they have to get pregnant. you have no idea…please think about things like this before you say them…because you never know…..

they could be a 1 in 8.


4 thoughts on “1 in 8

  1. I love you! I will always be here for you! You are so strong and inspire people around you. I know it’s hard with what you’re going through. Just know that I’m hoping that you get the things you desire the most!

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  2. Absolutely loved this! i hate the question “when are you gonna have a baby?” Absolutely hate it! It really hits a place in your heart that you can never really explain. Your blog inspires me, and reminds me, that even though it’s hard…it’s important to stay positive! 🙂 and just remember, I’m always here if you need someone to talk to 🙂

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    • Thank you, Deanna ❤️ same goes for you! I’m glad you can understand & appreciate what we are going through..& I’m so glad my blog is inspiring for you. Many hugs & baby dust ❤️❤️👶🏼


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