infertility & the HSG test


if you’re experiencing infertility, you will more than likely be ordered a hysterosalpingogram. if you’re like me & thinking what the hell is that, I’ll answer for you: it’s an (evil lol) infertility test that uses dye & XRAY to determine if a women’s tubes are functional.

leading up to the procedure, i was a hot mess. i read article after article on Google & spent hours on youtube watching videos of women documenting their experience. one video in particular, the last one i watched, was a woman saying it was the worst experience she’d ever had. it got better….she added the doctor had to tell her to calm down because she was crying so loud it was scaring the other patients…, needless to say, this pushed my anxiety into another realm of crazy. something else that is, for me, incredibly important to note here is that i also have severe PTSD. PTSD that makes it incredibly difficult to have gynecological procedures done period. every time i’ve had yearly exams i

now, keep in mind those usually a last a total of 5 minutes….this lasted a good 20. another issue (as if i needed another issue) is that i always, always, always see women for things like this. well, that was not an option this time around. our fertility doctor, & the only fertility doctor i know of, was male. so que freakout phase two..or three..whose counting?

What to know about the procedure

unlike any other gynecological thing i’ve had done, the HSG is performed in radiology in a regular XRAY room. there weren’t any stirrups, or anything like that (which surprised me really). before i was taken here, someone gave me a gown & hospital robe to change into. before all the of the above, i thankfully had a Valium (praise the Lord!).

there were three other people in the room other than our fertility doc & they had me slide down to the end of the XRAY table with my knees apart. here’s where it gets fun (only not). apparently, i have a tilted uterus-that i cannot tell you the meaning of other than it was, “hiding,” from my doctor. which turned into him jamming the speculum into me three times before getting there. as if that alone wasn’t unpleasant enough, then came the catheter &, “clamping,” then the dye. which was the worst part of all. it was super quick & i started cramping incredibly bad. immediately after, the radiologist came out to put one of my legs down & pull me under the XRAY machine. a few seconds later, everything was over &, while i was questioning whether or not i’d be able to stand up & walk without passing out, my husband says we talked to the dr…i remember none of this (thanks, to the valium i’m guessing). i also had no recollection of all the, “selfless,” i begged Scott to take with  me before we went into the room lol

if you’re having one of these done, the biggest take away for me is that the, “mild discomfort,” was COMPLETE & utter bullshit. I was in soooo much pain the entire time & cramped for the rest of the day. i attempted going to class earlier (the day after the procedure) & started cramping again, got dizzy, & had to come home. prepare yourself. they tell you to take two motrin, or tylenol before you come in…..i took a motrin 800 with my Valium that morning & i honestly don’t feel like it did anything for me the pain was so severe.

All in all, we found out my tubes were not blocked & everything looked perfectly normal from the XRAYs, which means we get to move on to the next phase next month. if i don’t get pregnant this month (from flushing out my tubes), i’ll start clomid, have an HCG trigger shot, & we’ll have our first try at IUI at that point…..which i was promised by our doctor would not be as painful as the HSG was for me. so i’m going to hold him to that.

despite all the pain, anxiety, & amped up PTSD, i know, if all goes as planned, it will all be more than worth it in the end….& i’d do it all over in a heartbeat ❤


6 thoughts on “infertility & the HSG test

  1. Well done on not completely freaking out with the HSG! It’s a killer, I’m sorry you were one of the ones it is painful for. Some women just don’t feel a thing! I was so thankful I had my friend with me to drive me home afterwards when I did it, the cramping sucked! Hoping you get lucky with some of that supposedly increased fertility from the HSG!

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    • Thanks, so much! I’m hoping for that as well…but I’m afraid to put too much stock in it
      I feel you 130% on the cramping!!! The pain was just indescribable!
      Good luck to you, too girl!!


  2. Yep, HSG sucks although, I didn’t have an X-ray with mine, they watched the dye on an ultrasound. I have cervical stenosis (teeny tiny cervix opening) so anything requiring getting through my cervix is extremely painful for me. The best part of being down with fertility treatments and moving onto adoption is not having to go through that anymore.

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    • I’m glad someone else had a not so great experience…I read so many things of women saying they didn’t feel a thing & I’m thinking….meanwhile, i was over here dying LOL Lots of luck in your adoption process!!! ❤

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  3. I had almost the exact same experience! It was so awful and so painful I sobbed the whole way home because it was such a traumatic experience! I also found out at the last second that the Dr was a man instead of a woman.
    And they had to try 3 different speculums because my uterus was too long for the others. Except I forgot to take Tylenol before I went and didn’t bring my husband because I didn’t realize I would have such a bad time. Big mistake!
    It’s over and done with now and my tubes were also good but that was traumatizing and hard to get over!

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    • So, sorry to hear that!!!!! I agree with you that it is a very traumatic experience, for sure. They should really give people a fair warning going in /: That’s why I wrote this blog post.
      So glad you made it through & had no blockages!!!!


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